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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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Massage Therapy
Quick Post
Massage Therapy
Becoming a massage therapist can be a really rewarding career path. It may not be a common career choice but many massage therapists report high satisfaction in their jobs.

This quiz from the AMTA will help you determine if you'd enjoy becoming a massage therapist:
Here is another common message I receive:

"Hey Steve I’ve been reading your articles and am very interested in going to PTA school , I just finished my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. I’m struggling with deciding on what school and area to attend , would love to get your advice on this .


Caleb Pedersen B.S.
Minnesota State University, Mankato"

The good news, we are working hard on our school matching technology to help students like Caleb compare local and online options and find the right school for their needs.

You can signup to use our free school matching tech here:
Here is a recent question I received,

"Hey Steve, my name is Perry Moore from Mississippi and I am only 20 years old and I am already a Certified Medical Assistant. I wanted to go back to school this year to get a head start for the PTA program that becomes open next year. I am very confident in my abilities to be able to get into the program and I see myself doing this for a very long time because it is a very fascinating field to work in. I was read the qualifiers and all of them are something that I have. So I believe that’s another wonderful reason that I would go while I am still young back to school and pursue my dream and career job as a Physical Therapist Assistant."

I think it is great when allied health professionals make lateral moves and I always encourage anyone to do what they think will bring them more satisfaction in their careers.
Here is a great video for anyone interested in working in Physical Therapy or considering getting physical therapy treatment.

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