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Keller Tiemann
Keller Tiemann
Co Founder

All of my siblings work in allied health along with many of my friends who have all helped build this with me.

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Hi Mary,

Great question!

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Hi Pam,

I found a few resources that shared the following tips for immunotherapy and chemotherapy induced nausea:

  1. Avoid your favorite food. Do not eat your favorite food if you are feeling nauseated. This may create a negative association with... (More)

Yes but it will be harder to find these specialists.

I'd recommend searching for spinal doctors and clinics and then reaching out to them for PT recommendations as one place to start searching for PTs who specialize in spinal conditions... (More)

You can learn all about PTA licensing requirements in Delaware here:

The link above also has up to date contact information for asking the board why your application was rejected.

Hope this helps!

Yes, however to complete your degree you'll have to complete the clinical hours that make up about 25% of your curriculum. Your clinical hours will require you to work in a clinic during normal hours during the week in most... (More)

Hi Josh,

In order to transition and become a PTA you'll need to meet all the same requirements that any other candidate would need to meet. In your case, you will already have many of the credits needed to complete... (More)

The APTA offers guidance that foreign educated physical therapy professionals should follow that can be found here:

Each state also offers its own set of regulations over physical therapy professionals. Texas provides information for foreign trained PT professionals on... (More)


Hi Mary,

Your earnings as a PTA will depend on a number of factors such as location, you can compare salaries across the country here:

Other factors impacting your salary could include the industry you work in. The link... (More)

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