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Asked a question 10 months ago

Hello, I have a Master’s degree in “exercise and wellness” and am trying to get into physical therapy as a career. Apparently my degree does not allow me to be a PTA, only an aide/tech. What would be the quickest and most cost-efficient way to become a PTA for someone who’s already taken graduate-level exercise science courses? I am aware of PTA bridge programs that transition a PTA to a PT, but are there any programs that transition an allied health professional to a PTA? Josh

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Hi Josh,

In order to transition and become a PTA you'll need to meet all the same requirements that any other candidate would need to meet. In your case, you will already have many of the credits needed to complete your Associate degree which is the first requirement you'll need to meet. Once you have your associate degree in physical therapy assisting, then you can take the national exam and apply for licensure in your state.

Here is more info on becoming a PTA:

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