Hi everyone! Welcome to the PT topic, we will be discussing all things related to physical therapy here and we are ready to answer all your questions. Let's get right into it :)

I'll start by providing some helpful links to more info on educational paths and careers in physical therapy:

Overview of PT: https://alliedhealthprograms.com/physical-therapy/

PT Salaries: https://alliedhealthprograms.com/physical-therapy/physical-therapy-assistant-salary/

Become a PTA: https://alliedhealthprograms.com/physical-therapy/physical-therapy-assistant/

PTA Schools: https://alliedhealthprograms.com/physical-therapy/pta-schools/

Online PTA Programs: https://alliedhealthprograms.com/physical-therapy/online-pta-programs/

PTA to DPT Bridge Programs: https://alliedhealthprograms.com/physical-therapy/pta-to-dpt-bridge-programs/

If you can't find what you are looking for at the links above then post your question here for the community to answer.