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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

This topic is for all questions regarding education and careers in physical therapy.

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Academic Field

Looking to find an accredited PTA program face to face or hybird here in Houston Texas
Here is another common message I receive: "Hey Steve I’ve been reading your articles and am very interested in going to PTA school , I just finished my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. I’m struggling with deciding on what school and... (More)

Pennsylvania has 2 special requirements to become a licensed physical therapy assistant:

2 hours law and/or ethics

4 hours must be in recognizing emergency health conditions (CPR certification through the American Red Cross of the American Heart Association meets this... (More)

Yes but it will be harder to find these specialists.

I'd recommend searching for spinal doctors and clinics and then reaching out to them for PT recommendations as one place to start searching for PTs who specialize in spinal conditions... (More)